Opportunities for career development in the new normal conditions at Hatafa.

In the middle of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak on widespread in Vietnam, especially in the southern region, creating a multi-dimensional crisis in terms of economy and material, spiritual life of the people. After a long time of fighting the pandemic, Dong Nai and other neighboring provinces have begun to control the pandemic. Some workers have returned to factories, workshops and offices in the spirit of the “new normal”. Hatafa Investment and Development Joint Stock Company is no exception.

During the time of working online from home for anti-pandemic work. The team of Hatafa members always tried to maintain the core values of the company, serving customers as best they could. However, in order to promote and develop further, create products of innovative value together, the core members of Hatafa have returned to the office in a state of the “new normal”.

The “new normal” for Hatafa is not just to keep core activities and platforms running as “normal” as before, not because the pandemic affects customer experience. But also “new” – refreshing products, innovative ideas, renewing people and refreshing spiritual experiences for customers.

In the first days of work, the atmosphere was quite happy, everyone was excited and comfortable because they could see their colleagues again after staying at home for several months. There are also many changes in the company’s regulations to ensure the requirements of pandemic prevention, but everyone is willing to follow. And always adhere to 5K rules. Even if they were vaccinated with two doses, they protect themselves carefully. Instead of mobile phones and coffee cups, disinfectant spray bottles and masks become intimate things for each person. Although they have to wear a mask, they always feel the excitement and joy of their colleagues in the company, which motivates them to be creative every day.

In the limitations of the social transformation caused by Covid, Hatafa sees the limitless in working possibilities applying 4.0 technology. The pioneer core team has returned to the office at this time, which not only confirms the start-up spirit, nothing is impossible but also an inspiration for the remaining members who still WFH.

It is known that Hatafa is currently expanding opportunities for new members, continuously recruiting interns in the fourth quarter of 2021 to train them to become the seeds in the future in departments such as: Market Development, Online Store Manager Assistant, Digital Marketing, Product Development, Design and Graphics

Candidates can apply by sending CV to Human Resources Department via email: recruit.htf@gmail.com .

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