IPL Scholarship and

the spirit of learning

at Hatafa


Hatafa closed the last few days of the year with the good news that CEO Hung Ho – after more than 6 months and 5 rounds of rigorous examinations, he became one of the leaders to receive the IPL scholarship for young entrepreneurs and young leaders by PACE cooperates with famous global partners to deploy in Vietnam.

The IPL Scholarship is a world-class leadership development program to develop a new generation of entrepreneurs co-organized by PACE in collaboration with prestigious global partners (such as: FranklinCovey Worldwide, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, and Harvard Manage Mentor) deployed in Vietnam. After 5 rounds of competition, surpassing thousands of other leadership candidates, CEO Hung Ho was fortunate to become one of the members to receive this Full-ride scholarship 250 million VND. With an enlightened education model and a 5-1-5 journey (5 rounds of entrance exams – 1 year of study at school – 5 periods of self-experience) from theory to practice, this will be a milestone marking the further development of Hatafa.

As a new startup company operating for more than 5 years with certain successes in the international market, Hatafa does not stop there, the spirit of learning from management level to staff level is focused. This spirit of learning is not only reflected in international competitions and scholarships, but also in every product and service – all of which are learned and improved by Hatafa members every day to provide customers with improved and superior products, but still not lacking in individual and unique features of each person.

With a global vision, it is essential to elevate and learn from other leaders. With time to experience, learn and absorb about Corporate Governance, expertise according to the 5-1-5 process, leadership and professional skills are not only a great inspiration to other members of the company but also a useful resource to pass on to each member of Hatafa’s team, especially young people who have the ability and potential to develop further in their career path, upgrade the entire company to become a professional team on par with the human resources of developed countries in the world.

The process of studying here is notoriously stressful and strenuous, but previous students refer to it as a proud experience. Most students of courses (such as Mr. Tran Minh Hoang – currently deputy general director in charge of marketing of Marico SEA Group) recognize IPL as a ” hard study ” program right from the admissions round, from having to pass thousands of candidates during the 6 months of the enrollment round, until they had to study and work until 23:00, 00:00, sometimes until the next morning was normal, not to mention more than 40 books to read in a school year. Another obsession with the seriousness and discipline of the IPL because the time it takes to send, to class is measured in minutes. The ‘arduous’ but exciting training process has helped practitioners break boundaries and become other human beings.

It is known that IPL was established in 2007 by PACE Institute of Management and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and intellectuals such as Professor Tran Van Tho, Professor Vu Minh Khuong, Master Le Dang Doanh, Master Nguyen Si Dung, Teacher Gian Tu Trung, Economic Expert Huynh Buu Son, Businessman Nguyen Manh Hung, Tran Ba Duong, Dang Van Thanh, Cao Tien Vi, Vo Quoc Thang… IPL is likened to modernist righteousness. Young people in every field selected by IPL are those who have the qualities, potential and dare to embark on the journey of self-liberation, ready to pioneer and specialize in their fields to become excellent experts. As the inspirational quote from the movie Three Idiots (India): “Don’t run behind success, follow behind excellence, success will come all way behind you.”, when you reach excellence and always maintain it in your work, success will come as an inevitable consequence.